The Easter Bunny has been to Elmley

  • 19/04/2017

New Arrivals on the Reserve!

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Hope you all had a lovely relaxing Easter Weekend.

We have a had a lovely time seeing our first arrivals of the year pop up on the reserve. Sat here right now typing this there is a duck in the courtyard who has just become a mummy!

Our first Lapwing chicks of 2017 have been spotted-which is so exciting. We cannot wait for more bundles of fluff running round on legs far too big for them. Our cows are back with their calves, who already seem to have doubled in size and Leverits are hopping about learning all the tricks from their mums on how to use the huge ears and legs they have.

We have had our first guests come and stay in our new hut, The Ferryman's. This went down a treat and we look forward to welcoming others to come and share this special corner of nature with us. All the photographs are now up on our website, taken by the lovely Rebecca Douglas, so have a look and let us know what you think!

Its such a great time of year when there is lots of new and exciting things going on we can't wait to see it all develop and share that with you all.

Lapwing Chick