Listen to Elmley's story as told to Curated Spaces: The Podcast

  • 30/10/2023

Curated Spaces is a celebration of Britain's best boutique hotels, members clubs and other unique spaces venues. Molly sat down with Georgina, of Elmley to chat about Elmley its story and the development of the huts.

In this conversation, Molly and Georgina explore:

  • Bringing new life to the island after years of intensive farming
  • Channelling boutique hotel vibes into cabins and huts
  • Design that starts and ends with one thing, the view
  • Creating a space where people can reconnect with nature
  • Finding joy in a cup of tea in bed
  • How Elmley is leading the charge in conservation and sustainability

Listen to the podcast here

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sunrise from shepherd's hut saltbox