Barn Owl ringing

  • 03/07/2018
  • Nature Notes

Update on our breeding Barn Owls

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Our local BTO ringing team were joined by several Friends, who had volunteered their time over the past few months, for the annual check of all of our boxes. A fantastic 16 birds were found.

The team visited six boxes today and encountered 16 birds with the following results:

Oak tree - No birds, previous visit on 4th June there were 2 young and 1 egg. The adults were in adjoining box and 1 caught and ringed. The young/eggs were presumably predated, rat or stoat possible suspects.

School House box: previously 3 eggs and 3 small chicks, now 1 small chick, 1 sick chick, 1 dead egg, 1 predated egg. (It's a tough life for young birds! )

Rose Cottage, previously 3 or 4 young, now 3 owlets ringed. (Fantastic!)

Cods House box (at Spitend) previously 3 or 4 young, now 3 owlets ringed.

Straymarsh Farm box (in the open barn at the entrance to Elmley) previously 3 or 4 young, now 4 owlets ringed. (Fantastic!)

Swale NNR Barn box: previously 2 young ringed, 2 young too small to ring. Today all 4 owlets still there and remaining 2 large enough to wear. One adult bird recaptured.

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